This package provides functions to scrape the Minnesota Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System website.


You can install the development version of eclds with:



You need a Selenium Docker image running to use this package. Please follow the instructions provided here.

To scrape the individuals sections in the website, use the function scrape_eclds(). The code below scrapes the tables in the Early Care and Education subsection in Kindergarten section for each county between the school years 2018 and 2020.

eclds::scrape_eclds(section = 'kindergarten', 
                    subsection = 'early care and education', 
                    geography = 'county', 
                    year = 2018:2020)

Available sections and subsections are as follows:

Section Subsection Available Geographies
"birth to prek" "early childhood screening" "county", "school district"
"birth to prek" "scholarships" "county", "school district"
"birth to prek" "parent aware" "county"
"kindergarten" "early care and education" "county", "school district"
"kindergarten" "child demographics" "county", "school district"
"kindergarten" "family demographics" "county", "school district"
"kindergarten" "economic and food assistance" "county", "school district"
"kindergarten" "kindergarten attendance" "county", "school district"
"kindergarten" "kindergarten summary" "county", "school district"

The available years are from 2014 to 2020 as of October 7, 2021.