I taught several undergraduate-level Economics courses over three years. During this time, I worked as an instructor for two, and a teaching assistant for four courses, and received Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award twice. They range from introductory-level Principles of Microeconomics to senior-level Economic Development.

Notes from Students

I want to extend my gratitude and thank you for a wonderful semester. I am happy to report that I (...) earned an A for the official grade. This could not have happened without your instruction and guidance Hasan. Also, it was easily the hardest and most challenging course I took this semester, however it was the course I enjoyed the most. It was an honour and a pleasure to have you as an instructor.

for Principles of Microeconomics

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your lectures. Often and usually, I have difficult understanding the concepts and intuitions behind the economic theories and end up knowing not many things about the class that I take. Your lectures were very insightful, caring students, and very organized. I loved it and wish I could take a class taught by you in the future if possible.

for Labor Economics, which I taught as a substitute for two weeks

I (...) want you to know how much your course means to me. Your presence, as an inspirational model, convinced me that an international student could surmount language and culture barriers and become an outstanding graduate. (...) I am saying from the bottom of my heart that it was my luck to be your student.

for Economic Development

Thank you for your help throughout the course! Your teaching was great!

for Introduction to Econometrics

Courses Taught

Economic Development
Instructor (Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Summer 2020), Writing Assistant (Fall 2019)

This course aims to introduce the development trends over the last 300 years and combine history with economic theory. We covered topics ranging from health to international institutions, from education to foreign aid to understand how the world evolved. This is a writing-intensive course, that is the students are expected to write an empirical research paper related to a development topic that we cover during the semester. Some of the lectures were devoted to teaching R, so that they can answer empirical questions.

I taught this class for three semesters as an instructor to a total of more than 80 students, who are mostly junior and senior economics majors. I also worked as a writing assistant for one semester, where I supervised term projects for over 40 students. After students picked development-related research topics from a list that we provided, I followed their progress and gave them written and verbal feedback several times over the semester. I also guided them through the process by introducing them the data sources that would be helpful to answer their questions, and by suggesting suitable econometric estimation methods for the type of data and question they have.

Introduction to Econometrics
Teaching Assistant (Fall 2019)

This course aims to teach Economics BS majors how to answer economic questions using data. Students learn the basics of Ordinary Least Squares, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals, Weighted Least Squares, Endogeneity and Instrumental Variables. In addition to the theoretical training, students are expected to turn in a empirical research project proposal with a literature review, data description and empirical strategy.

As a teaching assistant, I led weekly recitation sessions to review the course material and answer questions. I also reviewed student projects and provided feedback.

Principles of Microeconomics
Instructor (Fall 2018), Teaching Assistant (Fall 2017)

This course is aimed at first-year undergraduate students from all majors. It covers the basic economic concepts, such as supply, demand, markets, elasticies, competitive equilibrium and externalities. The goal of this course is to introduce these concepts to students from different backgrounds and fields.

I worked both as an instructor and a teaching assistant for this course in different semesters. I taught the course for 14 weeks to 36 students as an instructor, and led the recitation sessions with over 100 students as a teaching assistant.

Principles of Macroeconomics
Teaching Assistant (Spring 2018)

The goal of this course is to introduce basic macroeconomic concepts, including GDP, money, inflation, unemployment, international trade, exchange rate and fiscal and monetary policies.

I led the recitation sessions for over 100 students, where I review the course content, answer questions and solve practice problems.